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Our Outreach Programs

Seneca Nursing Outreach Program (SNOP). SNOP came into inception in 2007. The goals of the program is to provide second year nursing students with cross cultural nursing experience and an awareness of global health issues in developing countries. Students also have an opportunity to experience another type of health system other than their own.

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Volunteer Projects

Jamaica is an exciting place for service and learning as it offers all the tools you will need to develop new skills or find a new interest. This exotic island has crystal clear waters and the sparkling blue Caribbean Sea but there is another side that you’ll not see on the beautiful television commercials.

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Our Accommodation include Food & Drink

Jamaica has been a melting pot of many cultures and influences and this is ostentatiously reflected in the wonderful foods of this out of the ordinary island.

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Our Theory of Change is to promote volunteering as a dominant and practical way to tackle diversity, discrimination and inequality, believing that, it is only when people come forth as local, national or global citizens that real change occurs. By enabling high school and college students and by extension their schools

and communities, to play a more active role in developmental changes, volunteerism affords the means through which the necessary pre-requisites for universal and sustainable changes, proprietorship, involvement, empowerment and inclusion can truly be realized.

L.I.V.E (Local and International Volunteer Enterprise)