Local and International Volunteer Enterprise (L.I.V.E) is the final all in one stop for you. We are providing Opportunities for you to make a difference through life changing experiences, and breathtaking adventures. It’s a chance for you to touch, feel, see and have a “LIVED” ‘Jamaican experience.

We promote volunteering as a dominant and practical way to tackle diversity, discrimination and inequality, believing that, it is only when people come forth as local, national or global citizens that real change occurs.

We have been working exclusively with volunteer groups and individuals over the last Nine (9) years. We offer a variety of programs for single volunteers, volunteering in groups and those seeking to combine volunteering with a vacation.

You can tutor in schools, be a coach with a sports program, work in an orphanage, or in Community Based Organizations. These programs are suitable for high school students, students in colleges, graduates of universities looking for work experience, families seeking to bond and work together.

Our lived experiences gives you the opportunity to come to Jamaica for a week or as long as six months to develop and reinvent yourself through inimitable and life altering experiences

LIVE Jamaica; Authentic Jamaica; Inside Jamaica.

LIVE so others can survive